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Roy Beckham, MBA‚Äč

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GPS Study During Corona

Posted on November 21, 2020 at 4:55 PM Comments comments (520)

GPS Study During Corona.

At times during th corona virus pandemic, I felt like I was apart of a huge experiment.

Reminder to dive deeper

Country, War and Levels of Both

Posted on November 21, 2020 at 2:35 PM Comments comments (618)

At this moment, I'm somewhat of a philisophical historian. For some reason, I am amazed at how strategic the powers that be managed to pull off the successes of this country. What's even more intriguing is the possibility that there is either some grandious scheme to it all or there is genuine desire to build a more perfect union. And I my friends am in the midst of it all. Not so much as in the trenches fighting the war over seas. Not so much as in political office helping craft legislation, but I am apart of the experience. I can choose to indulge, help make it happen, record milestones or sit back and enjoy the show. My different desires play tag as I contemplate my next move or what God has in store for me. Because GOD is the one in control. It's my duty to listen to his instruction, know when to do certain things and submit to God's will. 

Although my ancestors experienced horrific horrors, tragedies and ordeals in this country, there's a part of me that finds it fascinating what the outcome has been. Don't get it wrong, you and I are beneficiaries to our ancestors' past, no matter what your country of origin or color. That's the Irony.

The U.S.A is currently known or considered to be the greatest country in the world. The freedoms we enjoy. The rights that we have.The choices we're allowed to make. The technology we experience. The opportunity we have and much more are all a result of the establishment of a nation, war and laws.

In other words, organization, documentation, bloodshed and agreement. I'm fascinated by the numbers and tactics it took to get us here. Lets not forget that some of the men who formed this country were slave owners who did not allow their own women to participate in the political process. Furthermore, you had to own land to be able to vote. That, in and of itself should tell you the initial intent. Yet, I wonder how original is the thinking of today's leaders and politicians when they make decisions for the country? Is this our country or do you consider it yours, but we're here to help and play a certain role.

War against the Native Americans for land, war against the British for independece and then War against eachother for freedom. From there on, war within the world for more land, territories, natural resources, alliances and capitalism.

Granted, I may've oversimplified the aforementioned regarding war. Yet, war sums it up in one word.  

Today's currency has symbols on it that pay homage to the original colonies, the founding fathers, the great presidents, plans, intent and goals. One of the most underappreciated documents of all time is the "Declaration of Independence". A well written declaration that summed up the dissatisfaction of a people who refused to kiss the ring of a tyrant, especially after efforts to make peace. Yet, the Irony of it all was the fact that countless slaves slaved before and after the idea to write the document existed. Sometimes, that's how things go. This has to happen before that and so on.

Coincedentally, the motive within the hearts of men to commit such acts between the discovery of America for explorers to Jim Crow Laws exist to this day. The actions taken to intentionally disenfranchise people of the right to vote was and is a testament to our democracy. The evidence is within the election results. Who we vote for is indicative of our values and beliefs. In the recent election, Donald Trump received over 70 million votes. These results were a gift and a curse. A gift because it shows to some degree what people value and stand for because some people actually believe that certain ideology does not exist in the year 2020. How naieve. It was a curse because it shows to some degree how far we have to go.


Dark Money


Dreamt About Forgiveness

Posted on November 21, 2020 at 7:40 AM Comments comments (551)

Had a dream about forgiveness last night. From what I recall, I was in a room listening to a few people give feedback on someone who recently committed a heinous crime. The conversation seemed more like a plot of retaliation. 

I spoke and said this person should be forgiven. While one gentleman puffed on a cigar quietly, the other leaned in to listen. I think it was three of us.


While they waited for me to argue my case, I told them that it's possible after sensing a vibe of relunctance.

They said that he did not ask for forgiveness.

I then said that it doesn't matter if he asked for forgivess and spoke about the example of the shooting in the church in South Carolina by Dylan Roof. I spoke of an elderly woman who stood up in front of a judge, guards, crowd and cameras and told Dylan Roof, who had recently killed nine church going people who were having bible study in a church, that she forgives him. 

The guy smoking the cigar looked at the other person, stood up and left. 

That was pretty much the end of the dream. It seemed so real though along with the right emotions that would be experienced if this conversation was really going on somewhere somehow. Whether if it was on earth or some other galaxy in the universe. Past, future or present. 

I think dreams are more than just dreams. Scientists still haven't really figured the purpose of dreams or what they really are. 

However, I do think that they have a purpose for sure. I do think that it represents occurrences or events in the spiritual world if not also the physical. What we experience in the physical world gives us an image to place on a message in dreams so that whatever message is conveyed, it has more of an impact. It's easier to remember a voice or message with an image than just a voice heard. 

Until next time...Take care, be safe, be blessed. I love you. 

His Grace Is Sufficient

Posted on November 16, 2020 at 10:40 PM Comments comments (520)

His Grace was and IS sufficient. Be blessed because you are blessed. Think of not only who you are, but what you are. How are you even possible?Let alone your story that so many may not get to know. Who lives, who dies, who tells your story? A delightful verse from "Alexander Hamilton", the play. That play was truly a gift. If you have not seen it yet, I suggest you do. History has it's eeeeeeeeyyyyyyyeeeeeeessss ooooonnn yooooouuu....That is all. Be well.


Posted on November 14, 2020 at 5:15 PM Comments comments (344)

When I was in the 4th grade, I came across this word and country when looking at the world map. I didn't put two and two together when I initially took it for the word "nigger". However, since then It's not hard to understand that Niger is the origin of the word 'Nigger". It wasn't the stolen and sold people's responsibility to teach others how to pronounce it properly. When you're a child, you may not even know the name of the country in which you reside either. So what do you expect. 

Nonetheless, it's my responsibility now to inform my kids of such a minor detail that could change everyone's entire perspective. It may even force them to think deeper about all subjects when they initially encounter anything that may or may not offend them. Any situation can be used to educate others. These days, like many others that have passed, kids are taught what they know from their surroundings. It starts at home. If not from the parents, someone in the home. Some program. Some song. Some something.

Did you know there are actually some people who are proud that their families were slave owners. It's the equivalent of being proud to be the descendants of infamous criminals. I don't say this to be disrespectful, but to shed light on our understanding and perspective of historical events. How different we look at things. The difference in our beliefs and values. What causes these differences? How can we reconcile our differences?

It reminds me of the marches and protests that took place to bring down statutes of confederate leaders that stood tall in the capitol of a few confederate states. Some were appalled that it took so long while others became hysterial that the statues came down. I can only imagine that some look at slavery as some sort of status of their ancestors instead of a stain on their family, country and state's history. 

We have to do better.

Black and White

Posted on November 14, 2020 at 10:45 AM Comments comments (183)

Why do we refer to two races with a dark history between the two with colors. I gaurantee you that if you called any other race a color, you'd be considered a bigot and a racist. 

I think that we're smart enough to come up with more ways to refer to two particular races on earth. If we were all mixed, what would it be then?

The Right To Remain Silent

Posted on November 14, 2020 at 10:40 AM Comments comments (291)

Recognize that the right to remain silent is a priviledge and the ability to do so is a strength. 

The pen is mightier than the sword.

Social Media

Posted on November 14, 2020 at 9:25 AM Comments comments (397)

Social Media has put our society on a total new level. If you're of a certain school of thought you can really utitlize this tool to choose your inner circle if you will. It's amazing what people actually post on their "timeline". The information they're willing to give up for the chance to get likes is incredible. It's probably law enforecements' dream come true. It's probably the Government's new resource for planning. It's probably the new pimp and gangsta. The new platform for all walks of life. We've seen what it has become, but I wonder where will it go. Where will it take us as a society. 

Some people are posting several times a day. Providing you with details of their every move. The steps it took to get them to where they are. Their current thoughts, fears, joy and everything in between. You know when they're happy and sad. Some posts their current location. Some posts their planned trips. Some posts births, deaths and pictures of moments that you would've never thought someone would post. This includes pictures of relatives in their casket with them talking a selfie next to that dead relative. 

It's a new day. To witness the transition is a pretty cool thing to be apart of. This had to be similar to when the telephone was invented.Or even the car or the plane. All of these advancements have made the world smaller in a sense. These are the tools of the rich and the poor. Those that use these tools to the fullest and most efficient way will prevail.


Social media is a new currency. It's been so successful with getting everyone to share that it's almost daunting. We don't know how this data is and will be used. Will we regret the countless posts or the lackthereof? Some of us think that we can't even do without it when striving to achieve a certain goal. 

As time progresses, with all things considered, proceed cautiously while reluctant to post audaciously. 

Be well...

Time To Think

Posted on November 13, 2020 at 6:50 PM Comments comments (449)

Consider how busy you are every single day. What are your habits from the time you wake up to the the time you lay down. What's controlling your thoughts?

Like many, we turn on the television in the morning to watch the day's forecast. Along with that forecast comes the news. Local politics, violence from the previous night, traffic and other current events. 

We spend at least 1 hour getting ready for work. From that time on we take the kids to school and then off to work we go. 

At that time, our mind is focused on whatever the day brings in our daily duties. That could be putting together a tractor, cleaning houses, cleaning people, driving cars, managing a business, teaching, so on and so on. This gap during the work day has our mind occupied at least 8-12 hours. Depending on your commute, anytime to really think about the life you really live or the life you've come from has gone by. 

After work its work away from work. Transporting whomever to where they need to go. Mowing the yard, raking the leaves, cleaning, cooking, bathing so on and so on. Before you know it, it's time for bed. If you're lucky, you get to watch, read, write or produce anything. If you're luckier, you might have 2 hours to devote time to whatever. If you're smart, you put that time towards something that could buy you even more time to do what you really love. It may not come within a month or a year, but just know that it's coming. 

The only way you can be sure that it comes is if you give yourself time to think. You'll be amazed at what GOD reveals to you. It's easy to forget the minor, but important details.

Give yourself time to THINK.